Types of viruses

You might find antivirus softwares that are supposed to perform the same type of operations but viruses are already available in a large variety. Some of these viruses are common and can easily be removed from your computer but some of them require a very long process to be deleted. In fact, viruses are divided in two types regarding their operations. One type will only infect your computer by making you unable to use your computer and the other type is used to steal someone’s data remotely. However, both types of softwares are bad for the computer; let’s find out some common viruses that can attack our computer.

First of all, we have the Trojan virus. You can call this virus one of the most dangerous computer viruses ever. This virus is designed by hackers and used to steal an individual’s data. You can easily get this virus from any cracked or infected file from the internet. Once you have this in your computer, it will be hard to detect until you install an antivirus. You can receive the signs of this virus by your computer acting abnormally. Before you get any of these viruses, you must have a v irus scanner software in your computer for protection.

Next are targeting viruses. They are also known as file infecting viruses. These viruses are designed to infect a particular file. The attack or operation of this virus comes into action when you accidentally download it and one of your particular files stop working and start showing some abnormal signs.

The virus that is very complex to be removed is known as the boot sector virus. This kind of virus is once added in your computer and then it spreads with the files that can be deleted from your computer. This virus attacks the master boot record and it’s a very risky task to remove such virus. Most of the time, this virus is removed by cleaning the entire computer and deleting everything.

There are also some viruses that aren’t meant to cause harm to any file. The purpose to create such viruses is to attack the empty space in the computers. In this way, your files will be saved but the remaining space in your computer will be influenced by such types of viruses.

Another virus is the overwriting virus that deletes all the files from your computer; therefore the only way to remove this virus is formatting your computer. If you find this explanation helpful, please read related topics as well for more info.