Types of Printers and Their Advantages

No matter how much the digital world advances, there are still many businesses out there that want to do advertising and marketing via large format digital printing. For those saying that this stance also has the word ‘digital’ in it, well, the thing is that these prints come from latest and digital printers. But these large prints are acquired to set them on a large hoarding. It is estimated that 50 percent of the public comes to the store who has done advertising and marketing via this method. With the era of digital advertising and marketing, the fact is that large printing is decreasing.

And that is because people still don’t understand the kind of printers and prints that they need. And the digital printing services companies don’t really guide the customer as they are more concerned with making money. That is why we are here to guide you about the types of printers and their advantages. The more you know, the more you will want to spend your money on advertising and marketing via this method, so, keep reading to know more.

Mechanical Printers: These are also called the daisy wheel printers and these the first world printers. They print about dozen characters per second and it has good or you can say medium printing quality but now a days, you will find these in very less places.

Dot Matrix Printers: this is another old printer like the mechanical printer but the best part about this printer is that it is still used by some big companies and that is because it prints between 30 to 1500 characters within minutes and also prints images. The downside is that it is very much noisy.

Ink Jet Printers: these are the type of printers that you can even see at home and it is best for students who want a printer at home because it can print high-quality 20 prints in a minute. And it is very much affordable.

Laser Printers: these are the kind of printers that you usually see in a composing shop or a printing shop. it uses photoconductor tech. It is faster than all above, as it prints almost 100 to 200 pages in less than a minute but it does not print good photos and images.