Types of ladders

This article all the information you need to have while choosing a ladder. There are different types of ladders and each of them have a different purpose. This article will help you choose the right ladder for you everyday use. If you want to perform your task effectively, safely and efficiently, it’s important for you to understand the purpose of every type of ladder. Having an appropriate form of ladder in the house allows you to work more freely so, choose wisely.

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  • Step ladder: These type of ladders doesn’t need any support, then can stand on their own. They are frequently used in industries. This feature allows you complete versatility because you don’t have to worry about finding a support for your ladder. If a ladder is resting on the weak support then there is chance that the person standing on the ladder can get harm. But if we talk about step ladder, it is very safe to use and it could be place in the middle of your room as it doesn’t need any support.
  • Extension ladder: Extension ladders are among the most commonly used ladders in the household. Work in high places can be done with the help of an extension ladder. These can be installed against any support and are also simple to use. This ladder consists of two parts one is base and other one is the fly. Base is the part that has to be placed on the ground. Fly is known as the extendable part of the ladder which could be extended according to the required height.
  • Step stools: A step stool is basically a short ladder. It can be placed in small spaces as it can be folded. They mostly have one step but also they come with two or three step. They are short in height doesn’t mean they are useless, they have various purposes in your kitchen.
  • Platform ladder: It’s a front step ladder variation. A platform is included at the top of the ladder. A rail guard is located approximately every 2-3 feet above the platform. This rail guard keeps you safe while you’re working. The system guarantees that you are standing properly and comfortably while working. You can stand for longer periods of time on the platform. It makes it easier to work on chores that demand you to use both hands at the same time, such as painting and repairing.

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