Things to Do in Oman

Since it is a Muslim country, people will think of different things like we all know about and we have heard from our friend and colleagues but the thing is that Oman has modernized a lot. It has clubs and bars but there was a time when it used to very strict in terms of keeping their culture like the way it was used to be. But they needed foreign investors and we all know that most foreign investors don’t survive without a little spark in their life. This means that if you are going there for a business trip or due to any reason, then you can do the following things in Oman immigration office:

We know that Oman is one of the hottest countries and you will obviously definitely feel hot and if you don’t like to go to the beach then you can always visit the Emerald water at Wadi Shab. It has emerald green pools with 45 minutes of walk, you can walk and take a dive, sit at the bar or at the juice corner, it is a whole fun day and the best part is that it has caves and waterfalls. Who could imagine that there will be waterfall right in the heart of the desert country!

  1. If you want to hit the sand dunes by the dune cars then you must visit the Wahiba Sands. It is desert. The best part is that it becomes cool at night which means you can take a camp and a barbeque fix with your friends and enjoy the serenity in the open sky full of stars. This trip is done on 4×4 vehicles and you can also drive like crazy and hit the huge sand dunes and you will get no scratch on the vehicle or on yourself.
  2. If you are feeling religious and you want to get close to God, then you must visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. This is said to be the best mosque of Oman and it is very much crowded, it is best to visit early morning and get out before it gets crowded, people have claimed that this is the most spiritual place in the world. It is open from 8 am to 11 am all days of the week.

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