Things to know about true copies

There are a huge number of documents which most of the immigrants are supposed to send to immigrant to keep the track of them especially when they are on a route to Ajman offshore company formation which can include a lot of things ranging from bills to licences and everything in between. But before you can carry out true copies, here are some things which we believe you would want to know about true copy attestation Dubai:

  • All the documents which need true copy

Here’s a list of all those documents which require true attestation without limitation from a lawyer in UAE:

  • Passports
  • Driving licenses
  • Bank statements
  • Academic certificates
  • Experience certificates
  • Birth certificates

Obviously as imagined, certified passports and true copies are the most required ones. They are also a medium of establishing the correct identity of the document holder and the credibility.

  • What happens to true copies

Basically a true copy is issued by a lawyer who attests and certifies the original document and turns it into a true copy. The photocopy of the original document is presented to the lawyer who verifies its authentication and stamps the document naming it a certified true copy. The dates of issue and certification are also marked to keep track of the certification. The stamp which is used in carrying out the task usually contains information such as name of the lawyer and their law firm along with their contact details and information. The original document is returned to the owner while the photocopied true copy with stamps and attestation is handed to the authorities.

  • Is notarization same as true copy

It is true that notarized copy is often known as certified true copy so you can easily get confused between the two. But the problem which you may face here is that most of the government bodies don’t provide true copies for the documents enlisted above. You may want to contact a lawyer for the task so that they can carry out the certifications which will be accepted by all the government departments all over the world.

Just make sure that you choose the right lawyer who can get you through the procedures without any problems or hindrances as it can be a little confusing and frustrating at times.