Debt collector do’s and don’ts

Here is a list of all the actions that can be taken by those who conduct Debt consolidation in Dubai or legal recoveries and collection, and also a list of all the boundaries that debt collectors should not cross. If you have to pay debt then you should be familiar with your rights and options. 


  • Debt collectors can contact your relatives and friends that in this case will act as a third party. Debt collector can ask for your number and your home and work addresses for contact. 
  • Debt collectors are not allowed to discuss the information or knowledge about your debt to third party. This information should be confidential
  • Debt collectors can contact you at working hours only that is from 8am to 9pm. If only you allow them to contact you after 8 in the evening.
  • Debt collectors can contact you via calls, emails, telegram and fax.


  • Debt collectors do not have the authority to threat, you or violate your privacy. They cannot use harsh and abusive language. All the dealings should be done in a professional way.
  • They are not allowed to publish the list of clients who are unable to pay their debts. This could only be sent to credit bureau.
  • They do not have the authority to call you repeatedly.
  • Debt collectors do not have the authority to act as a lawyer or member of government to imply any rules on you.
  • Debt collectors cannot claim that you are a criminal for not paying debts or you could be arrested later. 
  • They cannot lie about the amount of debt and should be able to differentiate between legal and illegal documents.
  • Debt collectors work for creditor and they cannot cease your property and accounts unless creditors allows them to do so.
  • They cannot mislead you by threating about suing you. They can sue if it is mentioned in your legal documents. 
  • They cannot show you fake documents to threat, you that look likes official document. 
  • Debt collectors are not allowed to publish any false information about the money you owe even to the credit bureau.
  • They cannot contact you via postcard and lie anything regarding money and forced calls.

If you encounter any debt collectors that threat and mislead you then you should Contact your collector via letter. You can tell them that you are fully aware of your rights and they should send you certified mails and keep a record of them.